03 enero 2008

Top 10 Juegos del Año 2007

Otro año más GameTunnel recopila los 10 juegos del año del 2007 decir que son juegos libres óseos gratis, visto lo visto la calidad es sorprendente, estos juegos son votados por los usuarios.

Está claro que no todo hoy en día se vende viendo estos juegazos yo personalmente ya empecé a probarlos todos y los 10 juegos de la lista enganchan bastante, aunque yo incluiría otros que también merecerían estar en esta lista. Aquí hago una breve traducción el análisis de los juegos los dejo en ingles ya que es bastante fácil entender lo que describen pero si por votación popular se me pide una traducción así lo haré

¿Tu cuales hechas en falta en la lista? Deja tus comentarios…

Puesto Nª10 - Kudos Rock Legend

Desarrollador: Positech Games

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+, 500MHz CPU, 256MB RAM
Website Download

Rock Legend is the follow-up to Kudos, though the only similarity between the games is the interface. Rock Legend takes a completely different approach to becoming a guitar hero as it places you in charge of a band. Putting together a band is a blast, and working to get hit singles and sold-out shows is just the beginning. Players control every aspect of the band's life, from where they practice and what type of food they cater, to what type of music they listen to. For everyone who has ever wanted to hit the big time with their own band, Rock Legend is a must- play. It defines Indie.

Puesto Nª9 - Scavenger

Desarrollador: Pi Eye Games

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemass: Windows 2000+, 450 mhz, 64 mb RAM, DirectX 8.1+
Website Download

Scavenger is one of those games that you can tell is going to be great from the moment you start the first level. It's the kind of game that really shows what indie gaming can produce. It has all the feeling (and difficulty!) of a great space shooter mixed with the creep and explore-adventure of some of the best FPS games, taking the player from carefully moving down the hall to a frantic firefight in a matter of seconds. With multiple difficulty levels that give the player completely different gameplay experiences, Scavenger is brilliant fun that shouldn't be missed.

Puesto Nª8 - Galcon

Desarrollador: Imitation Pickles

Jugadores: 12

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+ or Mac 10.3.9+ or Linux (32 bit), 1.0 ghz
Website Download

Galcon is a bare-bones strategy game with simple rules that you fully grasp within minutes of playing. While its simple nature could lead you to think that there is no depth of strategy, the opposite is true. Galcon provides complexity in its simplicity, challenging players to quickly consider their resources, form ever-liquid strategy plans, and effectively engage in continual tactical combat. Taking over new worlds, using the additional resources to build more combat units, and then coordinating attacks to take advantage of the other player's actions in a galaxy full of combat creates a very exciting game of quick thought and strategy featuring massive battles with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of combat units, being destroyed in seconds. Galcon is brilliantly simple and wonderfully addictive tactical strategy game.

Puesto Nª7 - Mr. Robot

Desarrollador: Moonpod

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+, 600 mhz, DirectX 7+, 128 mb RAM
Website Download

Mr. Robot is a strange mix of a pseudo sokoban played isometricly and a super-cool RPG that feels futuristic and retro all at the same time. It's all glued together with an immediately engaging storyline, cool upgrades, unique items and innovative weapons that make the typical RPG "grind" of combat and leveling feel anything but repetitive. The space theme is complemented by lots of sci-fi geek references that will surprise you and bring a smile to your face. The game has been called one of the best Indie games ever, and it's a title well-suited to Mr. Robot.

Puesto Nª6 - DarkSide

Desarrollador: Pi Eye Games

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 2000+, 450 mhz, 64 mb RAM, DirectX 8.1+
Website Download

Flying around spherical planets seems to be in style this year. From Mario Galaxy to Super Stardust HD, we've been offered some great planetary romps. Darkside, while a bit different in its approach, is no different in its quality. It's a spectacular game full of those qualities that make gaming great. Though it doesn't have a deep story or some of the nuances that make some of the critics happy, she's got it where it counts. The gameplay is simply fantastic, offering up fast-paced shooting action that is exciting, rewarding and relentless. The graphics are amazingly good, belying the games 15mb size. The range of enemies and weapons complete the game as a tour de force that made DarkSide a top 10 game of the year as well as our 2007 Action Game of the Year.

Puesto Nª5 - Knytt Stories

Desarrollador: Nifflas' Games

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 2000+
Website (freeware)

Knytt Stories is as much art as it is a game. It's beauty in simplicity. Each area is carefully crafted so that it provides a uniqueness that goes far beyond just looking and sounding different. Each area plays differently, taking on its own life and giving one the feeling of truly visiting someplace far from anywhere you have ever been. Knytt Stories is something of a pixel-perfect platforming nirvana, and though the accolades seem at odds with the humble presentation, it's hard not to write a list of superlatives when describing the game. The expandability of allowing others to add their own stories only serves to add to one of this year's most intriguing and enjoyable experiences.

Puesto Nª4 - Immortal Defense

Desarrollador: RPG Creations (Paul Eres)

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 2000+, DirectX 8.0+, 128MB RAM, 1.0GHZ CPU, 32MB video card
Website Download

Like every other Tower Defense game, Immortal Defense is intensely addictive. Unlike any other Tower Defense game, Immortal Defense transcends to something more. The game is built around a character who gives up their mortal state to become a being of pure energy to save his family and world. The storyline covers the ground of standard sci-fi, but brings in deeper themes about the true effects of one's actions and what it really means to be an immortal being, freed from the limitations of the physical body. The deeply philosophical approach can be felt throughout the game, with music and graphics echoing the slowly revealed story. Deeply moody and satisfying, Immortal Defense mixes gameplay with art, creating a uniquely captivating experience that won it a place in our top 5 as well as the 2007 Strategy Game of the Year award.

Number 3 - Venture Arctic

Desarrollador: Pocketwatch Games

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+, DirectX 8.0+, 2 ghz Processor, 512 mb RAM
Website Download

Venture Arctic is a learning experience, but not because it tries to be. The game, where you control the impact of the seasons on the arctic animals, is about balance. Too many rabbits leads to a barren landscape. Increasing the number of wolves to combat the problem will quickly lead to no animals at all. The animals react to the world around them as you paint the land with snow and the water with ice, and then melt it all away. The Inuit-inspired art gives the whole game a distinctive look that matches the game's uniqueness. Venture Arctic, like the world it portrays, is a treasure of beauty and wonder. It's an adventure into the unknown world around us that inspires and excites as players enjoy each new discovery. There are a lot of games available, but few of them are much more than a simple pastime. Venture Arctic is a game that stands out from the pack as being not only meaningful, but also amazingly good. Those qualities made it an easy pick as one of the Top 5 games of the year as well as our 2007 Sim game of the year.

Puesto Nª2 - Depths of Peril

Desarrollador: Soldak Entertainment, Inc.

Jugadores: 1

Requisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+, 128MB RAM, 1.2GHZ CPU
Website Download

Each moment of the game you must strategize what you will do next, ensuring the safety of your city, racing to get the best recruits, and carefully working the intricate web of relations with other covenants, thus avoiding inter-covenant wars that can lead to disastrous results as you must take your eye off of the rising threats outside the city to fight for survival. If that doesn't get you excited to play the game, downloading it and playing it for a couple of hours will. Depths of Peril is a spectacular game that is as engrossing as any title you'll play anywhere this year. It won our 2007 Role-Playing game of the year award and is our runner-up for Independent Game of the Year.

Juego del año del 2007 Puesto Nª1 - Aquaria

Desarrollador: Bit Blot

Jugadores: 1

SRequisitos del sistemas: Windows 98+, 1.6 Ghz, 256 MB RAM

Aquaria is perhaps the most well-known indie game in recent memory and it should be. The underwater world painted on the screen is captivating and mesmerizing. The game world feels immense and will leave more than a few people scratching their head as it teases with information. It provides puzzles and challenges that will test your abilities to reason and will occasionally leave you entirely unsure of what to do next. As the breakthrough moments of understanding hit, the game becomes magical. The feeling of success mixed with the wonderful fantasy playing out in front of you creates an experience that is as unique as every game wants to be.

Aquaria is a masterful stroke of vision in its appearance, sound and play. It's a game that no one should miss. After walking away with our awards for best graphics and best sound as well as the 2007 Adventure game of the year award, we're happy to add one final jewel to Aquaria's crown, the 2007 Independent Game of the Year.

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  1. Falta un RPG Muy bueno Silkroad pondría yo en esta pedazo de lista,por lo visto son muy buenos los juegos que han puesto... Saludos Krawler....

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